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Educational Toys that Teach the Alphabet to Children

1 min read

I hope you like the selection of my favorite educational toys that will help to make learning the alphabet fun and seem like play. All children will love these bright toys that have the alphabet printed on them. You can choose from the more traditional like the good old building blocks or large alphabet jigsaw pieces to more modern toys like the VTech Preschool Learning Apple with its electronic sounds and buttons to press.


Like most adults, I can’t really recall learning the alphabet, but I can remember helping my sister who is 5 years younger than me to learn her letters. We used to sing the song A….B…C….E...F...G etc all the time must have driving our parents mad. If we had any of these toys when we were young it might have kept us quieter!!!


Best Toys that Teach the Alphabet


Best Toys that Teach the Time to Kids

1 min read

Here is my selection of fun but educational toys that will help your child to learn how to tell the time. With bright colors and large bold designs, your child will learn but think they are playing. Time is a strange concept and it takes a while for a child to be fully able to tell the time and also understand how time works. I love the Mickey Mouse Clock as it brings my thoughts fondly back to my own childhood when I can remember having a Mickey Mouse Clock.


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Top Rated Toys that Teach Words and Writing Skills to Toddlers and Young Children

1 min read

Here is a selection of my favorite educational toys for young children that will help them develop writing and reading skills. With these toys you can make learning to write and read really fun and make it seem like play. You can choose from traditional toys like the magnetic wooden alphabet or come bang up to date with a touch and learn activity desk made by VTech.

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Stunning White Laser Cut Lace Design Cupcake Wrappers Perfect for Weddings and Birthday Parties

1 min read

Any of these laser cut white cupcake wrappers featured here will turn your delicious homemade cupcakes into stunning professional looking cakes. Would be ideal to wrap around cupcakes you are going to present at weddings, anniversaries, baby showers and at Christmas. Also the filigree lacy designs would look wonderful in a vintage and shabby chic wedding theme. The seashell wrappers are a great idea for a beside the seaside tropical themed wedding.

Best Electric Meat Grinder for Home Use - Ratings and Reviews

1 min read

I’m very lucky as I received a super meat and hamburger grinder as a Christmas present (I did actually ask Santa for it!!!). I wanted a meat grinder so that I could make my own ground meats, so that I could 100% guarantee what is in the meat I eat. I can buy whole chunks of meat from the butcher and run this through the grinder for perfect results.

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I also use the machine to add offal to the ground meat as a way of introducing this into the food my family eats (liver and heart is sooo good for you), without them knowing. Sneaky I know! I’ve also found that the ground beef produced by the grinder is a better texture than the ground meats you buy in the supermarkets.


Since owning the machine I have found that it has many uses, from making homemade sausages, cat and dog foods and hamburger meat. Also, I could imagine this machine would be great for making baby foods and purees. 


Top Rated Manual and Electric Ravioli Pasta Makers

1 min read

Here is my selection of the best pasta maker products to make your perfect ravioli recipe. There are a combination of electric, electric attachments, and manual ravioli maker. Choose whatever suits your budget and the amount of pasta you are going to make. Personally, I would invest in the Kitchenaid pasta attachments as they will give you years of good service, and they come in sets so you have other attachments for other types of pasta.

More Information Here



Top Rated Funny Retirement Gifts for a Teacher

1 min read

Here is a selection of my top retirement gifts for a teacher. A teacher in their working life would have taught hundreds or maybe even thousands of children. You will no doubt want to mark the occasion of their retirement with a suitable gift. You could choose between a specific teacher retirement gift like the retired teacher T-Shirt or choose a generic retirement gift like the "whatever" clock.

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