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Best Electric Meat Grinder for Home Use - Ratings and Reviews

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I’m very lucky as I received a super meat and hamburger grinder as a Christmas present (I did actually ask Santa for it!!!). I wanted a meat grinder so that I could make my own ground meats, so that I could 100% guarantee what is in the meat I eat. I can buy whole chunks of meat from the butcher and run this through the grinder for perfect results.

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I also use the machine to add offal to the ground meat as a way of introducing this into the food my family eats (liver and heart is sooo good for you), without them knowing. Sneaky I know! I’ve also found that the ground beef produced by the grinder is a better texture than the ground meats you buy in the supermarkets.


Since owning the machine I have found that it has many uses, from making homemade sausages, cat and dog foods and hamburger meat. Also, I could imagine this machine would be great for making baby foods and purees.